Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Branding Agency

Why Small Businesses Should Hire a Branding Agency

Why Should A Small Business Hire A Branding Agency

As small-business owners, we know there is no shortage of investments to make in our company: hiring, advertising, asset development, client cultivation, the list goes on. So we understand the hesitation many small businesses have about hiring a branding agency — it can mean a sizable financial investment.


However, we’re also branding experts, so we’ve done the math on what an agency like ours can and should deliver to its small-business clients. Time and again, the benefits of working with a branding agency far outweigh the initial investment.


Here’s a rundown of the three most common findings.


Convenience and speed.


The number one reason clients prefer to work with a branding agency is convenience — branding becomes one less item on your to-do list and, as a result, it gets done faster. Strategies are developed more quickly because agencies have direct access to the data and research necessary. Creative and development happen faster because the resources are available in-house. And projects proceed to launch phase faster and with fewer complications because your agency partner has been down this road before.


You could do the same in-house, but at what cost to your quality and efficiency?


 An agency is a one-stop shop.


To get the same skills in-house as an agency can deliver, you’d have to hire or contract multiple people, including a market strategist, creative director, designer, web developer, and writer. That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars in hiring fees alone.


In contrast, a branding agency is a one-stop shop that can do all of that, and more, for far less. We’ve not only got the skills you need but have developed the numerous process and personnel efficiencies necessary to ensure speed and quality delivery.


If your small business isn’t prepared to invest in the same, it makes financial and operational sense to hire your branding out to an agency.


 An agency gets your brand recognized within your target market segment.


As branding experts, it’s an agency’s job to identify, target, and resonate with your ideal customers. It’s what we do. We know where to find your customers, how to identify their needs and desires, and what they want to hear from you.


We know this because we’ve invested years building our skills. We’ve exercised these skills across industries and amid changing economic conditions. Even more, we’ve chosen to stake our livelihoods on them. We’d better be good.


As a small-business owner, you also sell or produce or offer skills within your area of expertise. You have a passion for your work. You’ve invested your life in it. Except, your expertise is in accounting or custom furniture design or application development or environmentally-friendly beauty products — not branding.


Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. If you plumb, do that the best you can. If you design beautiful office spaces, be the best in your market. If you distill hand-crafted vodka, make it great. A branding agency doesn’t do any of these things, but we do know branding, and that delivers the customers you need.


How has your small business handled its past branding efforts? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.