We Quit Our Jobs And Founded a Brand

We Quit Our Jobs And Founded a Brand

The Power of Small

A few months ago we put on our hiking boots and hit the trail while travelling in Sri Lanka. Step by step, navigating our way over rocks, mud, and fallen trees, we edged up a mountain slope in the Sinharaja Forest Reserve. When we’d planned the route, we thought the prize waiting at trail’s end would be a towering waterfall. At least, that’s what the guidebooks said.

Instead, that day we rediscovered the power of a philosophy we’d preached to our clients for years: simplicity. We’d just climbed a mountain, achieving exactly what we’d set out that morning to do. And what did it take? A thousand dollars of equipment and six months at the gym with a personal trainer? No. All it took to scale the mountain that day was a good map and the right shoes.

The philosophy of simplicity was to become the foundation of everything we do at Verve Concepts.

Small Business is a Big Job

The desire to create a brand like Verve Concepts didn’t come out of the blue. We’d worked for years on important projects for big brands, late into the night and up early for morning meetings, over pizza delivery boxes and in front of PowerPoint presentations. All those years, we dreamed of the freedom to conceptualize, create, and deliver the wildly innovative, what-our-clients-need-right-now solutions that, in our day-to-day jobs, seemed to always choke under the strain of bureaucratic red tape.

But quitting your day job isn’t easy, is it? Losing the stability of a paycheck means risking everything, including health and home. And yet, as we said that day on the mountain, what’s the point of a job that’s choking under the strain of itself?

Small-business owners don’t risk as much, work as hard, or endure as stoically as they do but for one reason: No job could give them the satisfaction that they, themselves create through their work.

Small-business owners are mighty. We are proud to join them.

The Power of Telling Stories

Verve Concepts is committed to the philosophy of simplicity. It’s been our guiding design principle from the very beginning, and it continues to this day.

Life. Business. Friends. Family. Hardship. Loss. Joy. And Victory. It’s all comprised of stories. The simpler they’re told, the more likely they are to be re-told, to live on, to influence, and to grow.

We here at Verve tell a simple story about a hike up a mountain to see a waterfall. We think that’s the best way for you to get to know us, to understand our values. We hope it says that we understand the power of stories, and that we’re committed to helping our clients tell their own.

What story is your small business ready to tell?