How To Run A Brand Campaign

Always Walk In The Customer’s Shoes

It’s a new year! Which means, like us, you’re getting bombarded with messages telling you it’s time finally get into shape. For just a small monthly fee, we’re told we can finally …


Keep your New Year’s resolution!

Unlock the secret to six-pack abs!

Discover your best summer body ever!


Are you tempted yet?


One of our Verve Concepts clients, a New York City-based CrossFit gym came to us hoping to create a brand that more powerfully connects with their current and future customers. To begin our work together, we asked them one question: What real fitness problems do you solve for your customers?


Abs and bods and butts are physical achievements, yes. We recognize they require hard work. But as humans, our buying decisions are emotional, not rational. What if, we asked our clients, you created a branding campaign that speaks to a customer’s gut–not the one they’re trying to shed, but the one that drives their everyday needs and desires.


Here’s what happened: Together with our client, we created a brand built to improve people’s everyday lives. Messaging speaks to the problems people feel every day when struggling with their fitness.


Imagine what life could be like.


Carry those grocery bags without going out of breath.

Keep up with your pet when he decides a walk is a run. 

Get out of bed not wanting to fall back on it.

Lift your grandkid without worrying about your back.


Looking at it this way, CrossFit seems worth any price, doesn’t it?


What are you doing to help your small business connect with your customers? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you!